This week

We only taught three lessons this week. Two to some old ladies, and one to a college student. The old ladies took forever, and one we taught with a ward missionary, and another we taught just by ourselves. My companion had to prompt me in because the words they are saying are unintelligible to me, but my companion, who is still awesome, helped me into the conversation. The college guy knew a lot about religion. He likes fantasy books, and so just kind of studies religion as a hobby, so he understood a lot of what we said, and ended up giving him a book of mormon. He said that he would “read and study it with honor” which I thought was pretty cool. So we were actually teaching an english class at the church on tuesday, and I was doing a self- introduction. Afterword, they were asking all kinds of questions. In the back of the class there were a three middle school girls, who were laughing hysterically when one asked if I had a girlfriend for one who wouldn’t. I declined to answer, but apparently will be getting that a lot, as I am white, from America, and have blue eyes.

Other than that, nothing much else has gone on. I’ve been seeing miracles every day, and write about them when I write in my journal, and this week there are two or three families that want to “goch” or feed us. Yesterday in sacrament, one of the speakers actually fainted mid talk, and from the ground behind the podium said that ” I’m very sorry, I cannot finish my talk, so I will just bear my testimony instead.” It was super awesome, and I could feel the spirit even though I couldn’t see or understand him.

Please keep the emails coming, and I’ll  Keep taking pictures.

Love you all-

Elder Smith


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