Blue Lake

image2-3This week was super cool, we had a big mission conference, and Elder
Cook, Elder Stevenson, and Elder Gong from the presidency of the 70
all came and spoke to us. It was mostly about the temple coming and
getting ready, and Elder Cook said something along the lines of “The
temple will help people feel the spirit in ways that you cannot even
understand.” I’m really excited. I think that it will help the work a
lot here. They also talked a lot about the church “coming out of
obscurity” which totally came true the other day! My companion called
one of our investigators that I have yet to meet, and she totally
asked about the temple! Really exciting, but they can’t meet for the
next while, so unfortunately we can’t teach them right now.
Other than that and the blue lake thing, not a lot happened this week.
Just the mission conference, and a whole lot of going from door to
door trying to find investigators, and we found one that might have a
lot of promise, but at the same time he seemed really nervous about
everything, and might have just been saying yes to avoid being rude I
really hope he becomes a good investigator. . That’s about my update
for today, except for bike trouble that’s been slowing me down a
little bit, this week’s been really good,even if the dendo was a
little slow.Also, one thing that I forgot to tell you guys about, and
that is every Wednesday we go hang out with a whole bunch of old
people at a nearby rest home. They’re all pretty fun, and have all
decided that I’m going to do karaoke for them next week. Regardless of
the fact that I literally know none of their songs. It’s going to be a
little bit of an adventure. That’s kind of everything for this week.
Today we’re going to have a zone activity, which is a pancake party.
We’ll also be doing sports and other games and stuff. I’ll tell you
about it next week.
Anyway, How was the graduation? It’s so weird to think that Tobin’s
done with High school, and you guys are all done with school, I bet
that’s exciting!
Oh, I guess I should tell you about the blue lake. It’s just a little
pond up in the mountains that is usually super blue, the time we went,
unfortunately, it was not that blue, but we did see a snake in the
lake which is apparently super rare. We also went to a famous scenic
spot (the pyramid) and to this little trail that leads up to the
volcano in the back. It was super cool! We went with a member, who
takes all the missionaries who are new to the area, so the other elder
there is actually not my companion. Good times. Let me know if you
guys have any fun plans coming up. I’d love to see pictures and stuff
from Tobin’s graduation, and then hear about the progress on the whole
mission papers thing. Keep me updated. Anyway, I’m running out of time
like usual. I’ll email you again next week. See you-
Elder Smith



Weekly Updates

I’d like to start off this email with this week’s dendo stuff, just to
mix things up a little bit. This week has been a lot better, we’ve
been working super hard, and talking to a lot of people, and have only
seen a little bit of success like those sisters. We have days when
we’ll go out knocking doors from 12:00 until about 8:00 and don’t even
get to talk to anyone, but this week it was a little different. So on
our IPads we have our area books, and in ours there are a ton of old
investigators that haven’t been taught for a long time, even though
they seem really good, I don’t know why that is, but for some reason
the missionary who was with my companion before me would not try to
find old investigators. Before my current companion got to this area,
the other elder and his companion were teaching tons of lessons and
apparently had too many investigators to have the need to go out
finding, and then when my current companion transferred in, all of
those investigators disappeared and the missionary that was teaching
them refused to talk about them at all. Really annoying because for
some reason tons of investigators just disappeared, and we don’t know
who actually needs to be taught, and who doesn’t want to change, but
on the plus side of things, we were calling people from the area book,
and got ahold of a high school student who was meeting with the
missionaries last December. He said that he thought the lessons were
really fun, so we set up an appointment with him, and are probably
meeting with him this Saturday. Also, we were able to actually talk to
people while streeting this week. There were two or three people that
actually listened to us! None of them were really willing to give out
their phone numbers or anything, but we gave them our flyers, so
hopefully they call us. Sometimes missionary work is hard, but there
are always those weeks that make everything worth it.
When it comes to everything else, today one of the ward members is
taking us up to a famous little spot called aui ike (blue pond). It’s
famous for having crazy blue water. I’m all ready to take some
pictures of it, which I will send you next Monday. Also, this week we
have a Mission conference! Two members of the 12 will be here, along
with several members of the 70, and the meeting is from 1-4 on
Thursday. Everyone’s working like crazy to get ready for it, so that
we can all get the most out of the opportunity. I’m so excited. I
think that the members of the 12 coming are Gary E. Stevenson, and
Quentin L.Cook. It’s gonna be super awesome.
I also heard that Tobin is actually graduating this week. That’s sooo
cool! Send me some pictures of the ceremony and stuff, It’d be nice to
That’s about everything going on here. I’ll have more stuff next week.
Keep in touch
Elder Smi


Sorry guys, It’s been a long time since I’ve emailed, I’m really
sorry, but, I’ve been really busy, but last transfer, we had apartment
APARTMENT!!! Super awesome, felt so good, and I worked sooo hard to
get that. Super worth it. Also, transfers happened, and I got moved to
one of my dream areas, Asahikawa. The ward here is super awesome, and
about 80 people come every week, which is about both my previous wards
combined, and there’s a lot of young people. It’s so awesome. The
members have actually already started actually asking us to work with
them, for example, the young men’s president asked us to come to one
of the new Deacons’ welcome party, and create a message and a game to
share with them, which is a lot more than my other wards have ever
done. It makes me so excited, and then last night, we got a surprise
call from him asking us to come to a family home evening tonight. I’m
really excited.

Also, in terms of missionaries, there are actually two companionships
in my apartment, and we get along super well. They’re named elder
Call, Dupuis, and Johnson, and I’ve met all of them before this
transfer, and they’re all really cool. in terms of the area, we really
don’t have that many real investigators, but our area book is full of
good people that we could contact and hopefully turn into
investigators. In terms of work, we’ve basically tried just finding
thus far, because of the no investigator thing, and it seems like a
good area. In our area, there is the big city area, the college area,
and the farmer area. All kinds of people, and because it’s way out in
the sticks, everyone’s really nice. I’m really excited to start really
working here. I don’t actually have a lot to talk about, because I
just got here on Thursday, but I guess one thing that did happen was
that I transferred by myself. Before a couple of transfers ago,
whenever we had transfers, we all gathered together in one of the
churches in Sapporo, but recently that kind of got canceled, and so we
all transfer on our own. I took a bus by myself, but one of my
favorite missionaries got on too, so we had a good time together. It
was almost kind of scary, but no big deal.

That’s all that really happened this week. Sorry about the English in
this email, I basically forgot how it works last transfer. My
companion’s English sucked, so mine got bad also. Bear with me.
Thanks so much for all your prayers. I’ll try harder to do one of
these every week from here on out. I’ve been really bad at it before
now. See you all next week
Elder Smith

Making calls forever

Hey guys, how’s it going. I didn’t really have that much go on thisweek, it was kind of another rough week in terms of work, but goodthings did happen.

 This week, in terms of missionary work, it’s beenanother really slow week. My companion was sick for a few days, and wehad apartment checks, so we cleaned really hard. When the missioncouple came and checked the apartment, the sister said that she wasalmost moved to tears because of how clean it was. For the lastapartment check, the apartment was just super gross, and there wasmold everywhere, and dishes piled up in the sink, and all sorts ofgross stuff, so they were super impressed that we made the apartmentreally nice, other than basically nothing happened. 

Really kind of alame week,but, while we were cleaning our apartment, we found a listof about 1500 names and phone numbers that we need to start workingon. Thus far, we’ve called probably 50 or 60 people, and basically allhave had no interest, or have lived in other areas, but you can’tleave any stone unturned, so we’ll probably keep up working on that.That’s basically our work for the next ever. It’s really kind ofunexciting, but it needs to be done.

So basically our work for the next several weeks is calling people,but we might only do it little bits at a time.Hopefully next week I’ll have more interesting things to talk about.

This week is actually a holiday week called golden week, and nobodyhas work all week, so we’ll probably be able to make a ton ofappointments and actually teach people and stuff.

We also have stake conference here, we’re taking a bus with the wardbecause it’s about a 3 to a 3.5 hour drive, but apparently there mightbe some important people coming (Elder Cook might be coming). 

Today isgoing to be a pretty good P-day, after this, we’re going shopping andthat kind of stuff, but later tonight, we’re going to have a zoneactivity. We’re playing outside games, and hiking up a nearbymountain. We get to wear normal clothes so I’m pretty excited, butother than that, just work.

Miss you guys a lot. Have a good week, and I’ll see you on Sunday.


Elder Smith

Mario Kart

Hey guys! Sorry, I ran out of time last week, an hour is not enough time.
This week was a little bit rough, but there was a lot of fun stuff
that happened. For example, yesterday, at church, this old guy got up
for a talk, and preached false doctrine from the pulpit for 30 mins.
The members were sooooo angry, and kept asking us what we thought
about it. I was saying stuff like” ooh, his testimony seems strong”
and stuff like that so I didn’t seem like I was taking sides, but I
was just shaking my head the entire time. This guy also apparent
taught lessons like that when he was a Sunday school teacher, and was
released for the same reason. Good times.
Also, this week we did splits with the zone leaders this week, and I
went to a place called moiwa. We streeted on odouri koen (the main
park in Sapporo) and streeted for 3 hours! We saw a lot of success,
and even got to teach a lesson or two in English! Anyway, there are a
couple of people who go around Hokkaido dressed up as Mario characters
in go carts, and we got to take a picture with them! The Mario guy was
super cool, and says he does it because it makes kids happy.




Tons of people were taking pictures with the Mario, but the lady in the back was getting completely ignored, because she was kind of scary, but the guy was super nice.
My keyboard batteries died also, so I’m typing this really slowly. Getting new ones today.

This week, in terms of missionary work(dendo) was really hard. In an effort to set up appointments we called up our investigators over 4 times but we were completely unable to talk to anyone. Super weird. The only really good day was splits. Also, we had an okonomiyaki party! It’s kind of like a pancake, but filled with bacon, shrimp, onion cabbage and potato, and covered with mayonnaise and this stuff called “sauce” it has a name but that’s literally what every single person calls it. SOUSE. If you ever get the chance, eat it because it’s super amazing.

The weather is getting superwarm here, and bikes have changed everything. Everything about this transfer is way better than the last one. My companion is so much fun,
we’re having such a good time together. I’m so glad. That’s probably
the best thing about this transfer, and it’s already halfway over! Two
weeks until the next transfer week! I’ll probably transfer next time,
as it’s weird to stay anywhere more than 3, which is how long I’ve
been here. I’ll let you know.

Miss you all,

Elder Smith