Miracles Everywhere

This week has been kind of long. It started off with a Zone training
meeting, which really felt like it was kind of just slapped together
at the last second, and then a lot of knocking doors and streeting
the rest of the week. Throughout the week there were a couple of small
miracles that we saw, and a few people with potential said that we
could come back later and stuff, but the only real investigator we had
dropped himself until about may. He’s involved in a long court case,
and feels like if he focuses too much on jesus he’ll lose and then his
life will get really hard, or something to that effect. He said we
were all good to come afterwards, but it will take about three months.
It’s a little sad, but at least it’s not a permanent drop.
It’s been kind of weird being back. All the missionaries that i saw
come into the mission have now been there longer than I have, and it’s
super weird. The other elders in the apartment always comment on how I
feel like an old missionary, even though I only have one or two
transfers on them. It’s kind of a weird feeling, but they’re all still
fun guys. It was also kind of hard to get back into the swing of
things at first, but i’m figuring it out again pretty well.
That’s about all that’s going on out here. My Japanese is coming back
real quick, and I can still mostly understand everything anyone says.
There’s always the occasional old man that slurs everything that he
says and is totally impossible for everyone but japanese to
understand, but for the most part, It’s going pretty well. I’m down at
the very bottom of the Island, and it’s starting to warm up right
about now. All the snow is melting, but it’s making all the roads kind
of hard to walk on, but I expect it to be mostly gone in the next
couple of weeks. Even though the roads will be good, we still won’t
get bikes until the same time everyone else will, in about April. I
don’t even need to buy a bike though. An elder my size went home early
and left his bike, and the Mission president says he’s just going to
send it to me for free when we can ride them again! That was super
helpful, because It might have been hard to buy a used one because of
how far away from the mission office I am. Miracles everywhere. Let me
know how everything’s going over there. It’s always nice to hear from
you guys. Miss you and love you,
Elder Smith (the first)


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