Back in Japan!



So my flight was pretty long again. I went up to Seattle, and actually
met up with the next group of missionaries going to Japan! I didn’t
think that I’d be able to because I thought that they’d take the same
route every time, but this time was different. When I finally got
there President nakatsuka was super happy to see me, and we actually
rode in his car all the way back to the new mission home. He told me
where I was going and who my companion was.
I’m in Hakodate, which is basically the warmest part of the mission.
Way down south at the southern tip of the Island. There’s not a lot of
snow here, but all the roads are super icy. The people and ward here
are also super awesome! My companion and I have passed out something
like six copies of the book of mormon since we started last week! We
just introduced and gave them to people on the street, so we don’t
know if a lot will come of it, but we’re working hard and seeing lots
of miracles.
In terms of Japanese, I’m not half as bad as I thought I was, or maybe
the gift of tongues is super real. I can still understand about as
much as I could when I left, and talk just as well, but of course the
time I spent with you guys in America did bring me down a little.
People here are still super patient with me though.
This week will be super crazy. On Wednesday, there’s a huge broadcast
conference we’re going to watch, which will take up a lot of our day,
as it pushes back study and stuff a few hours, and then we’re all
going to Sapporo ( me and the other three elders in my district along
with the sisters) for mission conference. I’m super excited because
I’ll get to see everyone that I came with! I’m super excited for that.
We’ll come back down on Sunday, and the next day we’ll head to a place
called muroran for a zone conference. So basically, starting friday
and continuing to the next Wednesday we won’t have any time to work.
Just travel and conferences, but after that everything should calm way
down. It’s going to be a great time.
Today, for P-day, we’re going to “the red brick warehouses” which is
apparently the biggest tourist attraction in the city. I’ll be sure to
take lots of pictures, and I’ll probably have to get them to you guys
next week, but they’ll come eventually.
That’s just about everything. I really miss you guys, and want you to
know that I’m super happy that I was able to make it back here. I’m
already back into the swing of things and feeling super good. My knee
is doing fine, haven’t had any spills or anything, it just gets a
little sore after walking on it all day. This is definitely a lot more
work than anything I did at home, but it’s still totally fine.
Miss you guys, love you. Hope you guys are all having a good time even
though I’m not there. I’ll send some pictures with my companions and
stuff in just one second, but the warehouse ones will have to wait
till next week. See you guys later.
Elder smith


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