Time Flies

Hello everybody. I’ve got a little report of my life from the past
week, and it was fairly eventful in terms of stuff to talk about,
unfortunately in terms of the work, not a lot happened this week.
We were unfortunately unable to meet with any of our investigators
this week, so we spent a lot of time knocking doors and doing stuff
like that, but also we had members feed us almost every single day
this week. Monday-Thursday every single day we were eating at least
one meal with a member, unfortunately I have no pics to show that it
happened, and because of those the time we had to work was a little
limited. We didn’t really get to see a lot of success, other than one
young mother who may or may not have met the missionaries before. We
have an appointment with her on Wednesday that I hope that we’ll able
to go to (reason why in just a second), but other than her, not really
too much on that front.
On the fun things front, we had a district activity! I forgot to
mention this last time I thin, but all of the week preceding last
Monday we were having a candy fast. I don’t know why, but it was
really hard, as soon as I said I wasn’t going to eat it I got the most
insane desire to, which I found pretty weird. Seems like as soon as
you decide you can’t have something you want it way more, but anyway
after the fast was over, we had this thing called a tim-tam slam.
Tim-tams are these little hollow cookies that come from Australia.
What you do with them is you bite off one corner from the two opposite
sides, and drink hot chocolate through it. The hot chocolate melts it,
so you have to suck it into your mouth really fast to avoid it
splashing everywhere. We did it as a fast breaker because the cookies
are actually quite bad for you, and when you mix it with a ton of hot
chocolate and eat 9 of them (the sleeves have 11) you kind of
overload. We spent the rest of the time laughing at and singing our
countries’ national anthem. It was fun because the Americans all
patriotically sang the star spangled banner together, and then when it
came to the other people (two Japanese elders, an Australian sister, a
Peruvian sister, and one Canadian elder) They barely even knew theirs.
Americans totally won that contest, also, my companion tends to talk a
little about his martial art skills, and likes to show off sometimes,
but got super taken down by the three elders in this pic.image1-7image2-5


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