More Transfers

This Transfer is about to be OVER!!! It went by so fast, and it was a
pretty good time. We saw a lot of miracles, and a lot of good times.
For example there was the week that we got 7 new investigators, and
then the next week (last week) we were able to meet with two old
investigators that were really good back when they were being taught.
Their names are Yoshida and tanimura San. Both love Jesus and think
that God and religion are super important, and both happen to
understand English really well, so I’m looking forward to actually
really teaching them. What it seems like during our first meeting they
both have little problems and stuff, that they were a little hesitant
to talk about, but they’ll probably open up as we meet more, here’s
hoping they’ll progress.
Also there was this super nice lady named Takahashi San, and she went
to church tons of times 30 years ago, and then gradually got busy and
moved, and we were able to accidentally find her again about two weeks
ago. She still remembers the church, and wants to come back, so we’ll
see, but then while we were talking, she says she may or may have not
gotten baptized! She doesn’t really remember, as she’s 70 and hasn’t
been to church for again, about 30 years, but nobody in the ward
remembered her, and her name may not be in the records, but we just
need a little more info, and then we’ll know. We gave her a copy of
the Book of Mormon which she was super excited to read, and are
getting ready to go back and visit her again real soon. Either way, I
hope she feels the spirit and decides to either come back, or join the
In terms of fun things we did, we went to a little festival out by a
shrine in the city last p day. It was super fun, and had all kinds of
food I’ve never seen before, for example, a big squid on a stick. It
wasn’t all that bad, and we went with one of the members. It was so

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