Blue Lake

image2-3This week was super cool, we had a big mission conference, and Elder
Cook, Elder Stevenson, and Elder Gong from the presidency of the 70
all came and spoke to us. It was mostly about the temple coming and
getting ready, and Elder Cook said something along the lines of “The
temple will help people feel the spirit in ways that you cannot even
understand.” I’m really excited. I think that it will help the work a
lot here. They also talked a lot about the church “coming out of
obscurity” which totally came true the other day! My companion called
one of our investigators that I have yet to meet, and she totally
asked about the temple! Really exciting, but they can’t meet for the
next while, so unfortunately we can’t teach them right now.
Other than that and the blue lake thing, not a lot happened this week.
Just the mission conference, and a whole lot of going from door to
door trying to find investigators, and we found one that might have a
lot of promise, but at the same time he seemed really nervous about
everything, and might have just been saying yes to avoid being rude I
really hope he becomes a good investigator. . That’s about my update
for today, except for bike trouble that’s been slowing me down a
little bit, this week’s been really good,even if the dendo was a
little slow.Also, one thing that I forgot to tell you guys about, and
that is every Wednesday we go hang out with a whole bunch of old
people at a nearby rest home. They’re all pretty fun, and have all
decided that I’m going to do karaoke for them next week. Regardless of
the fact that I literally know none of their songs. It’s going to be a
little bit of an adventure. That’s kind of everything for this week.
Today we’re going to have a zone activity, which is a pancake party.
We’ll also be doing sports and other games and stuff. I’ll tell you
about it next week.
Anyway, How was the graduation? It’s so weird to think that Tobin’s
done with High school, and you guys are all done with school, I bet
that’s exciting!
Oh, I guess I should tell you about the blue lake. It’s just a little
pond up in the mountains that is usually super blue, the time we went,
unfortunately, it was not that blue, but we did see a snake in the
lake which is apparently super rare. We also went to a famous scenic
spot (the pyramid) and to this little trail that leads up to the
volcano in the back. It was super cool! We went with a member, who
takes all the missionaries who are new to the area, so the other elder
there is actually not my companion. Good times. Let me know if you
guys have any fun plans coming up. I’d love to see pictures and stuff
from Tobin’s graduation, and then hear about the progress on the whole
mission papers thing. Keep me updated. Anyway, I’m running out of time
like usual. I’ll email you again next week. See you-
Elder Smith



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