Weekly Updates

I’d like to start off this email with this week’s dendo stuff, just to
mix things up a little bit. This week has been a lot better, we’ve
been working super hard, and talking to a lot of people, and have only
seen a little bit of success like those sisters. We have days when
we’ll go out knocking doors from 12:00 until about 8:00 and don’t even
get to talk to anyone, but this week it was a little different. So on
our IPads we have our area books, and in ours there are a ton of old
investigators that haven’t been taught for a long time, even though
they seem really good, I don’t know why that is, but for some reason
the missionary who was with my companion before me would not try to
find old investigators. Before my current companion got to this area,
the other elder and his companion were teaching tons of lessons and
apparently had too many investigators to have the need to go out
finding, and then when my current companion transferred in, all of
those investigators disappeared and the missionary that was teaching
them refused to talk about them at all. Really annoying because for
some reason tons of investigators just disappeared, and we don’t know
who actually needs to be taught, and who doesn’t want to change, but
on the plus side of things, we were calling people from the area book,
and got ahold of a high school student who was meeting with the
missionaries last December. He said that he thought the lessons were
really fun, so we set up an appointment with him, and are probably
meeting with him this Saturday. Also, we were able to actually talk to
people while streeting this week. There were two or three people that
actually listened to us! None of them were really willing to give out
their phone numbers or anything, but we gave them our flyers, so
hopefully they call us. Sometimes missionary work is hard, but there
are always those weeks that make everything worth it.
When it comes to everything else, today one of the ward members is
taking us up to a famous little spot called aui ike (blue pond). It’s
famous for having crazy blue water. I’m all ready to take some
pictures of it, which I will send you next Monday. Also, this week we
have a Mission conference! Two members of the 12 will be here, along
with several members of the 70, and the meeting is from 1-4 on
Thursday. Everyone’s working like crazy to get ready for it, so that
we can all get the most out of the opportunity. I’m so excited. I
think that the members of the 12 coming are Gary E. Stevenson, and
Quentin L.Cook. It’s gonna be super awesome.
I also heard that Tobin is actually graduating this week. That’s sooo
cool! Send me some pictures of the ceremony and stuff, It’d be nice to
That’s about everything going on here. I’ll have more stuff next week.
Keep in touch
Elder Smi


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