Sorry guys, It’s been a long time since I’ve emailed, I’m really
sorry, but, I’ve been really busy, but last transfer, we had apartment
APARTMENT!!! Super awesome, felt so good, and I worked sooo hard to
get that. Super worth it. Also, transfers happened, and I got moved to
one of my dream areas, Asahikawa. The ward here is super awesome, and
about 80 people come every week, which is about both my previous wards
combined, and there’s a lot of young people. It’s so awesome. The
members have actually already started actually asking us to work with
them, for example, the young men’s president asked us to come to one
of the new Deacons’ welcome party, and create a message and a game to
share with them, which is a lot more than my other wards have ever
done. It makes me so excited, and then last night, we got a surprise
call from him asking us to come to a family home evening tonight. I’m
really excited.

Also, in terms of missionaries, there are actually two companionships
in my apartment, and we get along super well. They’re named elder
Call, Dupuis, and Johnson, and I’ve met all of them before this
transfer, and they’re all really cool. in terms of the area, we really
don’t have that many real investigators, but our area book is full of
good people that we could contact and hopefully turn into
investigators. In terms of work, we’ve basically tried just finding
thus far, because of the no investigator thing, and it seems like a
good area. In our area, there is the big city area, the college area,
and the farmer area. All kinds of people, and because it’s way out in
the sticks, everyone’s really nice. I’m really excited to start really
working here. I don’t actually have a lot to talk about, because I
just got here on Thursday, but I guess one thing that did happen was
that I transferred by myself. Before a couple of transfers ago,
whenever we had transfers, we all gathered together in one of the
churches in Sapporo, but recently that kind of got canceled, and so we
all transfer on our own. I took a bus by myself, but one of my
favorite missionaries got on too, so we had a good time together. It
was almost kind of scary, but no big deal.

That’s all that really happened this week. Sorry about the English in
this email, I basically forgot how it works last transfer. My
companion’s English sucked, so mine got bad also. Bear with me.
Thanks so much for all your prayers. I’ll try harder to do one of
these every week from here on out. I’ve been really bad at it before
now. See you all next week
Elder Smith


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