Mario Kart

Hey guys! Sorry, I ran out of time last week, an hour is not enough time.
This week was a little bit rough, but there was a lot of fun stuff
that happened. For example, yesterday, at church, this old guy got up
for a talk, and preached false doctrine from the pulpit for 30 mins.
The members were sooooo angry, and kept asking us what we thought
about it. I was saying stuff like” ooh, his testimony seems strong”
and stuff like that so I didn’t seem like I was taking sides, but I
was just shaking my head the entire time. This guy also apparent
taught lessons like that when he was a Sunday school teacher, and was
released for the same reason. Good times.
Also, this week we did splits with the zone leaders this week, and I
went to a place called moiwa. We streeted on odouri koen (the main
park in Sapporo) and streeted for 3 hours! We saw a lot of success,
and even got to teach a lesson or two in English! Anyway, there are a
couple of people who go around Hokkaido dressed up as Mario characters
in go carts, and we got to take a picture with them! The Mario guy was
super cool, and says he does it because it makes kids happy.




Tons of people were taking pictures with the Mario, but the lady in the back was getting completely ignored, because she was kind of scary, but the guy was super nice.
My keyboard batteries died also, so I’m typing this really slowly. Getting new ones today.

This week, in terms of missionary work(dendo) was really hard. In an effort to set up appointments we called up our investigators over 4 times but we were completely unable to talk to anyone. Super weird. The only really good day was splits. Also, we had an okonomiyaki party! It’s kind of like a pancake, but filled with bacon, shrimp, onion cabbage and potato, and covered with mayonnaise and this stuff called “sauce” it has a name but that’s literally what every single person calls it. SOUSE. If you ever get the chance, eat it because it’s super amazing.

The weather is getting superwarm here, and bikes have changed everything. Everything about this transfer is way better than the last one. My companion is so much fun,
we’re having such a good time together. I’m so glad. That’s probably
the best thing about this transfer, and it’s already halfway over! Two
weeks until the next transfer week! I’ll probably transfer next time,
as it’s weird to stay anywhere more than 3, which is how long I’ve
been here. I’ll let you know.

Miss you all,

Elder Smith


One thought on “Mario Kart

  1. I enjoyed reading this. I put in my email to follow. I’m Jennie your dads cousin in Alabama. Good luck in Japan and I’m excited to follow you! You’ll be in our prayers!❤


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