Golden Person

Hey guys, How’s it going. Just have a little bit of stuff to tell you about.
The missionary work is kind of humming. We still only actually have
one or two investigators, but It’s coming. Last week we found 3
“kinjin”which, literally translated means “golden person.” We were
able to find three people that have a lot of interest. One of whom
says he wants to know God, and his Girlfriend too, and one of whom is
actually looking for a religion for his family join, which is soooo
uncommon in Japan. Like, you actually have no idea how rare that is.
We are hopefully meeting with the guy looking for religion today. Wish
me luck.
Also, one more thing, I HAVE A SKYPE CALL COMING UP!!!
I’ll be calling on Saturday the 7th (your time). I’m so excited! I’ll
see you then.
Miss you guys, see you then. (sorry, not a lot is going on right now,
and I don’t have too much time.) Love you guys, bye-
Elder Smith


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