This week has been the most successful week I’ve had for about 2
transfers. Saw all kinds of miracles. My companion is awesome, and
we’re about at the same level of Japanese so I am able to take part in
a lot more missionary work than before, It’s so nice. Recently we’ve
been talking to a guy named Doi San a lot, and on Wednesday night, he
actually asked about baptism! He says that it’s too early to set a
date, as he doesn’t really know anything yet, but he says that he may
want it in the future. Also, this week the sisters in our area made 2
baptismal dates with people! Both they met on accident. One just
showed up to our English class, and then to church, and then to
general conference, and took a baptismal date for the 24th! The other
one for May 7th!! It’s so exciting. Also, a lot of our investigators
that we do have are starting becoming willing to progress. One is an
old guy named sawada San who is really ready to learn and try stuff,
and one of our other investigators, who basically got doctrine
attacked by missionaries when he first met with him (apparently they
basically commanded him to pray) is showing some real interest! Thanks
all for your prayers, they’re helping a lot.
I just finished conference yesterday, and it was so amazing. That doi
guy also came for the Saturday morning session and loved it. He likes
the members too, but back to conference. My favorite talk was
president Utchdorf’s Sunday talk. I thought that the lesson about the
shepherd parable was so good, and I’m trying to find a way that I can
relate it to our investigators. You guys got me really excited for all
of that stuff, and it totally payed off. So good.
Today, the day started off as a really sunny day, so we put our futons
(mattresses) outside so that they can air out. Then we took care of a
little business (my companion needed new brake pads for his bike) and
by the time we finished that It kind of transformed into a huge
blizzard! So we went home as fast as we could and put them inside
before they could get too soaked, but they were still pretty wet.
That’s why I’m emailing so late actually. Super stressful, but
hopefully they aren’t damaged. As for everyone, it seems like your
weather is improving, and the sun is starting to come back, which
seems to be helping life get interesting. Everybody seems to be having
a good time.
Thanks so much for all your letters and stuff, they always make me
feel remembered. I’d write back more if I had time, but last transfer
my companion was a little bit of a rule nazi, and was really hard.
Sorry if it seems like I’m forgetting about you guys, but, I really
think about you all the time. I miss you all, and have a good
springtime. Bye,
Elder Smith


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