Transfer Week!

This week, not a lot happened. We didn’t really see too much success,
but we were able to finally meet with two of our more hopeful
investigators finally. An old guy named ishikawa San, and a young
mother named Yoshikawa san. I talked to the lady once before this
week, with my last companion, and gave her a copy of the Book of
Mormon. When I saw her the last time, she was really happy to see us,
and said that because of her work, she wasn’t able to read at all,
which is to bad, but she said she’ll try harder to read from here on
out, and the ishikawa has a lot of interest in eternal families, and
likes talking to us a lot, but they’re both busy, so they’re really
hard to meet.
Even though yesterday was Easter, nothing special happened. The member
who does the missionary coordination meeting with us all of a sudden
went to Tokyo, and forgot to ask someone to come for him, so we
couldn’t do that at all, and then we had ward council meeting, for
about 2 hours, and ended the day only being able to work for an hour.
It was super annoying. Hope you guys had a good week, how was that
glitter mountain place? What exactly is it? Did you do anything else
fun? I hope it was awesome. Has Dad been able to get work outside of
Vernal yet? Is everyone healthy? Keep me updated.
Miss you guys, hope you have a good time-
Elder Smith
ハップィ イスタ‼️‼️‼️


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