Dendo Update

image1-4First off, We had splits twice this week.The two elders I went with

are basically two of my dream companions, so that was also super
awesome, and I got a little break from my current companion. One of
them was Japanese, and is everyone’s favorite Japanese elder. He has a
brother in the mission! Unfortunately, they both go home this
transfer. It was so good! We saw tons of miracles, found a new
investigator, and also a someone who may turn into a really good
investigator someday. Then the next day, me and another elder
adventured to a place in my area that I’ve never been to before. It’s
about a 30-45 minute bus ride away. We visited some inactive members,
and because nobody was home, and because it was getting towards the
end of the day we decided to house one last block. The bock was just
filled with old people, all saying stuff like “go home, nobody has
interest” or “You’ve come here so many times, stop.” When as far as we
know nobody’s ever gone there before. I really wanted to go somewhere
else, but I just felt this little thought that said 1 more house after
every other person said no, and everything every other thought was
screaming to go somewhere else. We got to the last house on the block,
and before we could even knock on the door, this old guy comes out. We
started introducing ourselves, and kind of expected him to shut us
down like everyone else, but when we asked him if the missionaries had
ever come over before, he said that they hadn’t! he then invited us
inside his house and we had a good 1hour 15 minute conversation on the
Book of Mormon, God, Jesus, and other various doctrine. We also ended
the night giving him a copy of the Book of Mormon, which he told us he
would read. In return, he gave us these really cool books of sutras
(Japanese written Buddhist prayers) that were actually Christian! He’s
a little weird, and some of the stuff he believes in is weird, for
example, he believes that if you go somewhere quiet, early in the
morning and read the book he gave us out loud, we can accidentally
partially enter heaven. Other than that, the way we think is really
similar. He believes that man isn’t responsible for Adam and Eve’s
original sin, and that everybody is fundamentally good (light of
Christ). He also seems to think that we are just like every other
Christian church, but really understood what we told him, and was
super open minded and willing to accept it. He asked us to come back
later, and gave us his contact info. So from here on out, we’ll meet
with him as often as we can, which may not be too often considering he
lives so far away. Which is kind of too bad. His name is Yamamoto San.
Then at the end of the night we went out to a get ramen at a chain
restaurant that was by that companion’s house back in Tokyo (he’s half
Japanese and lived in Tokyo his whole life, but his dad took him to an
English ward and stuff, so he’s not quite fluent in Japanese). So many
miracles, and it was so much fun.
As for today, my companion feels tired and doesn’t want to do
anything, so we’ll probably hang out at the apartment. All day. I want
to go look around somewhere, but he doesn’t have any desire to, so
shut me down really fast. He’s very much an “whatever you want to do
so as long as it’s what I want to do as well” kind of guy, but is
really “nice”about it. He always has an excuse such as “we don’t have
enough money” or, “I’m really tired today” or “I just feel like we
need to clean.” We have gone two places other than the apartment on
P-day this transfer, and those are a nearby goodwill, and Costco.
Other than that, we haven’t gone anywhere other than shopping. I’m
losing my mind with cabin fever, and he’s not going to change anytime
soon, even if I ask.

I’m learning a lot about patience this transfer,

And charity.
He’s also super big on saying only nice things about people, and so
the only outlet I have for. Whatever frustration I’m feeling are these
emails. Thanks so much. Hope you guys have a good spring break, have a
good time on whatever adventures you are planning. I only have a week
and a half of my companion left, so I’ll keep praying for charity, and
working on patience, and hopefully one of us transfers.
Miss you guys love you-
Elder Smith


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