Quarter Down!

Hello everyone, and guess what, I am 1/4 of the way done with my
mission! It went really fast, but I feel like I’ve been here forever.
I have only 11.5 transfers left until I come home next year. I feel
like it’s going to go way too fast. Pretty soon, I won’t have a lot of
time left, and I’m nervous because I honestly don’t want it to go by
very fast. I love missionary life.
This week, in terms of missionary work wasn’t particularly exciting,
but mission tour, and one of the people in the Asia North area
presidency came and talked to us. He’s Korean, but speaks fluent
English, and was a mission president in Washington a while back. He
told us all to basically change our attitudes, and be bolder. Also, he
showed us this chart of how to change ourselves into more Christlike
missionaries. It goes like this,
Thought—>action—>habit—>character—>DESTINY. He said that in
order to become good missionaries, we have to start with thinking like
good missionaries, set goals, and start trying to do them. Eventually
those goals will become habits, and then will proceed on to being part
of our character. The way he explained it was way better, but there
was a lot I can learn from it. Super good guy. He also talked a lot
about finding new ways to contact people while working, and that kind
of stuff. I liked it a lot. After that, a whole bunch of
missionarieswent to this famous sushi place called matsuria, because
we had no time, and because they all live far away and we can’t see
them very often, so we kind of tagged along. We also had 8 other
missionaries in our apartment for two days. It was a little packed,
but they were all nice, so it was super fun, and by some miracle we
were all able to get to bed on time, and wake up on time. Super good
The only really good missionary work thing that happened is I talked
to the guy who showed up at church last week for about an hour on the
phone. He speaks weird Japanese, so I honestly just pretended to
understand most of what he said. It was a good talk, but it didn’t
count as a lesson because I failed to actually commit him to
something, which is unfortunate, but that’s life. We’re trying to set
up an appointment with him, but it’s hard because he’s so busy. That’s
about all that happened this last week. Not too much fun stuff, but we
have a zone activity today, which should be a good time. I’m excited.

There’s this old lady in the ward, name Sato Shimai (sister
Sato) Who bore her testimony on family history last week. She talked
about family history for 30 minutes. It was so funny, she was standing
up on the stand, on this stool because she is 5 foot nothing, and
waving around stacks of family history cards that she’s been doing
forever while saying in an a voice as authoritative as a 600 year old
THINK I AM HOLDING!?” The ward had no idea how to react. It was so
much fun, but it was really cool, because there were probably upwards
of 150 cards she was waving around, and she’s apparently been
traveling around for the past few years doing and testifying about
family history work and temples. Really good testimony. Then, after
sacrament, she was trying to squeeze past my companion(Japanese people
don’t say excuse me or anything, they just kind of push past you) her
shirt got stuck to some Velcro on his bag and she had kind of a panic
attack because she’s apparently never seen Velcro before. It was such
a good day.
Honestly not much has happened in the past week. The work’s been a
little slow, but it’s always worth it. Still nowhere else that I’d
rather be. The snow is finally starting to melt, and we’re supposed to
be up in the positive degrees here, for the first time in a while.
Positive degrees Celsius, I don’t know how much Farenheight, but I
really do miss the American system of doing things. Th things I miss
most are gallons of milk. Here it’s only liters, and one liter is
about $1.45 a pop. Pretty pricy. We also go through about 2 or 3 a
week It gets expensive fast, but we’ve got enough to get by. We found
a store where everything we need is way cheaper than everywhere else,
so we’ll just be going there from now on. Lucky find. Anyway, I miss
you guys. I’ll email you again next week, I’m really excited. See you
later !-
Love, Elder Smith.That’s all, email you all again next week!

This week’s word- Shibireru- Means to go numb, or fall asleep, as in
your foot or arm falls asleep. Good fun word


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