Updates and Ice Sculptures

In answer to your guys’s questions, I’m writing a real quick email
before missionary work update.
No, I’m not freezing, my clothes keep me really warm. Too warm
sometimes. I did get to see the ice sculptures, In case you didn’t get
to see them in the messed up group email, I’ll attach some to this
one. Yes, I get rejected all the time here, but sometimes people will
listen, which is really nice. No, I’m still only allergic to raw
shrimp. That’s all. It’s still cold, and because of ice and stuff on
the ground, we’ve been walking or taking trains and busses everywhere
since the beginning of November! My apartment is a bit smaller that
the upstairs level, about the same layout if you cut off the half with
deacons room, and on Wednesday and Thursday, there will be 6 people in
it because of a mission tour. Someone from the area presidency is
coming to look at the mission and talk to the missionaries on Thursday
and Friday, so everyone in the mission will be in Sapporo this week,
and our apartment is one of the biggest in the mission, so we’re going
to share with 4 other elders. It’s gonna be a good time.
What’s glitter mountain? Seems like you guys are excited for it, and
what else are you going to be doing for spring break? I hope a lot of
fun stuff. I miss you guys and love you, see you guys in a couple of
months on skype! –
Elder Smith



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