So this week’s been pretty hard, but fun. We just got back from
Costco. We went with the mission president, and the mission home
elders. It was a super good time. We got muffins, Nutella, that Carmel
cheese popcorn, and other things that you can’t get anywhere else.
Super fun, but pretty far and a little expensive. Totally worth it.
Other than that this week was super hard. Not a lot happened, but we
worked hard. My companion is a little annoying, and I struggle with it
sometimes, but I’m learning a lot about patience, and my prayers are
getting way better.
This week, we were only able to teach one lesson. Super sad, but
that’s just how it is. Hopefully this week will be a lot better. I
have a lot of hope because a really good missionary told me about a
good new way of doing missionary work, and it seems like it’s a really
good way of doing things. I’m excited to try it. I actually don’t have
a lot to talk about this week, other than Costco. Nothing really
amazing happened.
My Japanese is getting a lot better. It’s actually not that hard for
me to teach anymore, as long as I’ve thought about what it is that I
want to say. I can also talk without too much difficulty to most
people, unless they are old, or speak weird Japanese, both of which
are fairly common in my area right now unfortunately. If you’re
wondering how I did it, let me just say that the gift of tongues is
real. Thank you for all your prayers. They help. It also sounds like
you guys are doing all kinds of fun stuff.
Tagan looks awesome with his glasses, and I’m excited to hear about
Lacrosse, and Deacon seems excited for being Peter Pan. I wish that I
could see it. Thanks for all the personal email guys. I love reading
them . Also, in answer to Paisley’s questions,
I’m doing great.
Unfortunately, Koji San has never actually showed up to an
appointment, and I haven’t been able to get ahold of him for the past
couple of days, so it’s kind of iffy right now, but I’ll keep trying,
and as long as I’m not Japanese, I’m still a wonder on the streets.
It’s kind of weird, but it’s fun being the center of attention
everywhere I go.


This is the name of the church in Japanese, and the missionary purpose in Japanese and English in the corners. Took me 20 minutes and a lot of IPad dictionary. Yea.


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