Tea Ceremony

This week we did a Tea ceremony (we drank hot water instead). The old lady is teaching the younger one how to do it properly. It’s sooooooooo tedious. The younger one sat up so strait the entire time, and it took about 5 minutes to give the water (correctly) to each person. If they mess up, they panic really hard and say something to the effect of “I’m so sorry that I have committed such a rudeness to you, please forgive me.” The younger one entered the room with one bowl in each hand, and the old lady said “No that’s bad! You must only have one bowl, being correctly carried. You won’t be forgiven!” It was super intense, because they have a big ceremony coming up in two weeks, and it has to be perfect. Super crazy. The old lady is just like the big lady from Mulan, the matchmaker. She also spoke the most evil form of Japanese ever, called Keigo. It’s super polite, but nobody can even hope to understand. Even the Japanese people can’t understand her. So stressful, but it was fun. My companion took a video on his camera, so he can’t actually give it to me yet, but he’s going home in two weeks, and when he can he’ll send me the video. I’ll show you how stressful it was. At the end, the old lady gave me and my companions fans, and wrote her name on them in really pretty, cursive Japanese. Her name is Shimada San, and she’s going to listen to the sisters eventually she says. It was really fun.



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