Good Things are Happening

This week for me was super long. We had no plans all week so we were
just housing and finding all week long, and it just dragged on and on
forever, but good things happened. On Wednesday, we were out working
by a college that we somehow found, and accidentally went into the
apartment where the foreign students live. We met a girl from
Malaysia, a Chinese guy, and some dude from India. Weird people. The
lady from Malaysia was super nice, and is interested in learning about
this kind of stuff… In English, because she doesn’t speak the best
Japanese, then a Chinese guy who speaks no Japanese, who said he’d
call us when his wife got home. As we were leaving the floor he lives
on, his wife came home, but he never called us. Then, an Indian guy
that speaks no Japanese. At all. Also, he’s studying chemistry, and
has been for a while, and has three more years of studying chemistry,
so that someday he can get a job in business someday. He spent a lot
of time telling us about how he believed in the God Oxygen, because it
keeps us alive. He spent about 15 minutes assaulting us with his
beliefs. We eventually just kind of left. Good times, then, while we
were calling last night, I taught a 45 minute lesson on the phone!
Just testifying about prayer and how I know that God is real and that
kind of stuff, and he was really interested! He was asking questions
like “have you ever seen him before” “when did you really start
believing in God” “Is he really there?” And those kinds of questions.
He’s really excited to meet, and we’re meeting in two weeks, because
we have plans where he has free time, but he wants to come to English
class. I’m so excited. Then, on the 16th, that Koji guy is going to
teach us how to make Ramen! I may be able to make it when I get home.
Other than that kind of stuff, our week was a lot of walking. Then
this coming week is super busy. We have an appointment tomorrow, and
then we’re going to the Snow festival, then we have a big missionary
conference on Wednesday, and then another appointment on Friday, and a
member is feeding us that night. A valentines thing Saturday night,
and then next Sunday, another member is feeding us. Lots of stuff to
do. I’m super excited.

I miss you, and I don’t have a lot to write about other than that
stuff, I miss you guys. Love you,bye.-
Elder Smith


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