Tsurara = Icicle

Sorry it’s been a while, again, and this time I have some interesting
stuff besides how to make gross “food”. I am whitewashing in the
hardest area of Sapporo. Whitewashing means that both me and my
companion are new to the area, which makes life difficult. We’ve been
working hard and have really improved the area, but even still, with
two more weeks left in this transfer, we basically have nobody that we
can consistently meet with and teach. It’s hard, but it’s getting
better. I’ve been trying to call and set up an appointment with this
guy we found in the area’s phone named Koji San. He is really weird.
I’ve called him probably 4 or 5 times, and he’s a really cool guy.
He’s 64, is a car auctioneer, and spends most of his free time
watching “keba” (horse races.) I’ve set up two appointments with him,
but he hasn’t been able to come to either. One, he had work all of a
sudden, and on the next one he got super sick, and then all of a
sudden, he called us last night and said “what time is church?”
Apparently, his son wants to come and see, and he does too. His son is
20, and lives with him, while working part time probably before going
to college, and Koji loves Jesus. When I last talked to him he said he
had a copy of the Book of Mormon, but hadn’t read it yet. He said that
he’d start though. Today, a member that lives pretty far away, but is
super good friends with my companion is having a barbecue at our
church. He said to invite anyone, so I invited Koji San, and he said
he’d come! I’m pretty excited. The barbecue is for a recent convert
who’s moving to Asahikawa to get his driver’s license (It’s way more
complicated here than it is in America), and he’s doing that in April.
He’s way excited, and happy that that other member is having a
barbecue for him. Then, after that, we’re going souvenir shopping! My
companion has basically spent over half his mission in Sapporo, so he
knows where all the good shops are. I’ll tell you about that stuff
next week.

Others things this week… We went to visit an old investigator. We
see the window of his apartment, and it’s all lit up, so we’re
thinking “yay, he’s finally home!” We go up to the apartment, and ring
the doorbell. Nobody answers. Then, my companion knocks on the door,
and for some reason, he does the “shave and a haircut” knock. We wait,
and all of a sudden, the guy does the same knock from inside his
house. We thought that was super weird. Then, after about a minute, he
did it again. Weirder. Then we say “konichiwa” And he does it again
except it’s super loud right on the inside of the door we’re standing
outside of. We got this really bad feeling and started walking away,
and as we were walking away, he opened his window, and looked out, and
then slammed it shut. It was super freaky. Then, yesterday we had a
really weird day at church. This lady goes up to give a talk, and
basically starts freakin’ out. She’s talking about all the trials in
her life, and she’s screaming into the microphone, and sounds like
she’s hyperventilating and panicking, for like 30 minutes! About 20
minutes into it, she starts frothing at the mouth. FROTHING AT THE
MOUTH! Nobody stopped her! She’s complaining about how expensive
taxi’s are, and how heavy boots are, and going off about everything
that’s wrong with her life, and just sounded like she was dying the
entire time. I was so angry, she got up started, and the spirit was
just gone. That about explains this area’s ward. We have a lot of work
to do.

That’s about this last week, or the best couple of things that have
happened. This area’s kind of a struggle, but we’re doing our best to
fix it. Thank you all so much for your prayers, I can feel them every
day. I’m doing my best, and we’re being so blessed. I know the church
is true, and I know that if it wasn’t, I definitely wouldn’t be out
here, because missionary work is really hard. I’ll mail with more
stuff next week, if there’s anything specifically you want to know,
email, and I’ll try to answer you as best I can-
Elder Smith

-One more thing, I kinda wanted to do something cool in my emails, so
I thought it’d be fun if I had a word every week. This week’s is
“tsurara” Which means icicle, because it’s a little cold here. See ya.


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