“Smith Choro”

Thanks for all your prayers. I think that they’re really helping. My
language skills are getting way better with this companion. I can
actually have conversations now, and good thing too, because there’s
this super old lady in the ward that reminds me a lot of Grandma
smith, except she’s Japanese. Her name is Sato Shimai. She likes me a
lot because my last name is Smith, and according to her I look a lot
like Joseph Smith, so I must be related. She gets really happy every
time she sees me. She stands up really straight, and says “Smith
Choro!” Really loudly. The old ladies in the ward are all super funny.
One of them even knitted neck warmers for us, and the one she gave me
is bright pink and purple, they’re super nice.
On Friday I did splits in another area of Sapporo called Moiwa. It was
a super good time, and at the end of the day we went to a super
delicious sushi restaurant called Matsuria. It’s only in Hokkaido, and
I discovered a new allergy that I have! I’m allergic to shrimp sushi,
and that’s sad because it’s really good. Nothing too bad, just an
itchy throat, and my fingers were tingly, but still sad. Other than
that kind of stuff nothing really happened this week. We’re still
working hard and trying to find investigators, but we’re not finding
too many. Thanks for your prayers. They really do help, and the deaf
guy kind of disappeared, So we’re not really focusing on that any
more. This area’s really hard, but we’re trying really hard. We still
don’t really know anything, but we’re learning. The Moving thing isn’t
hard at all. We don’t use bikes at all during the winter, because it’s
too snowy and dangerous. We sent them all to the mission home, and for
stuff, we actually have. This company that does it for us. We fill out
some stickers about where we’re going and stuff, call them, and they
come pick them up and ship them for us. It’s super easy. Sorry about
pictures. I’m not allowed to take pictures while doing missionary
work, which is what I’m doing all day every day, so I don’t get a lot
of time to do that, but in two weeks we get to go to the snow
Festival! The thing where everyone makes huge awesome snow
sculptures, and I’ll take tons of pictures there. Also, the temple
open house starts in the beginning of July! I’m so excited! The
dedication is on August 9th, so there’s a lot of missionary
opportunities coming up in the near future. So exciting. Anyway,
that’s about my life for the past week, sorry not very exciting, but.
I hope you had a good time at basketball and stuff, and I saw a whole
bunch of stuff about the Provo temple, we’re actually allowed to go on
lds.org. Anyway I gotta go. Ran out of time again.Love and miss you
guys, I’ll email you next week, bye.
– Elder Smith


One thought on ““Smith Choro”

  1. Thanks for your beautiful letters, makes me want to go serve a mission, and serve my Heavenly Father.
    you are such and awesome Missionary.


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