I don’t actually have a lot this week. Because we’re whitewashing and
neither of us has ever been here before, we don’t really know where
we’re going, and because the missionaries before us got really lazy
and basically did nothing for a really long time, we don’t have any
consistent investigators to work with. We are basically just finding
all day every day, and are seeing lots of miracles, but not too much
consistent success. It’s kind of hard, but we’re working hard, but
cool things did happen this week. We had an Earthquake. It was
actually really far away place, but it shook our apartment pretty
good. It was crazy! Nothing bad really happened, nobody got hurt,
everything just kind of shook. Nothing even fell off shelves. It was
pretty cool, and afterwards, I kind of felt like everything was still
shaking. Other than that, not really much has happened this week. We
basically have no investigators as of now, so we’re basically just
trying to find people, but we’re not seeing too much success, but
yesterday, we saw a huge miracle. We were taking a bus to the very
edge of our area, because the sisters want to pass us an investigator
they have, because he’s a guy, and they can’t teach him. We all
visited him, and he wasn’t there, so we have bout an hour before a bus
comes to take us back, so we start housing. We go through five or six
houses before coming to the one where a miracle happened. Anyway,
we’re talking to this guy through the interphone that everyone in
Japan has, and eventually he asks us to wait for a second. My
companion keeps talking to the interphone, and all of a sudden the guy
shows up at the door and invites us in. He was 18, and lives with his
mom and little sister, and he was home alone at the time. He was
studying for these big college entrance exams that everyone in Japan
takes, because they basically have only one chance to get into
college, or they’re working minimum wage the rest of their lives, so
they basically spend the last three months of their high school lives
studying. He lets us in, and we talk to him for a while, and long
story short, we gave him a Book of Mormon, and he seemed really
excited to read it. We asked if his mom or sister would be interested
in listening, but he said that they are kind of against Christianity.
Our teaching him might be a kind of sneaky thing. We tried to set up a
return appointment, but because of his school, he basically has no
time for anything. We asked if we could come back next Sunday for 10
or so minutes, and he said if he’s there we can talk. He’s got a lot
of potential, and he actually rode the bus with us! That’s about the
best thing that happened this week. Not a lot else. Yesterday in
church this old lady brought us some neckwarmers that she made us.
Then right afterwards all these old ladies were all talking to me and
freaking out that I can kind of speak Japanese even though I’m so new.
One of them, Sato shimai, reminds me a lot of grandma Smith, but minus
a foot and Japanese. She gets really excited about a lot of stuff, and
she loves talking to people, especially the missionaries. It’s a good
ward, but it’s mostly old people, and people that are just really kind
of weird. It’s fun though, and we’re working hard. Hopefully we’ll
find some people to meet with regularly soon. Love you guys, miss you-
Elder Smith


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