So third transfer just started, and I got transferred from my first
area! I was supposed to go to an area far away called Kushiro, with
two Japanese companions, but right as I walked in to where everyone
meets to get companions, one of the AP’s grabbed me and emergency
transferred me to one of the Sapporo areas, called shinkotoni. My new
companion is from Orem Utah, and he’s on his last transfer, and we’re
whitewashing this area. That means that we are both new to the area,
and neither of us have ever been there before. We also live a 40
minute subway ride away from our area! Also, yesterday at church, some
old investigator randomly showed up at church, so we got a new
investigator. Guess what else! He’s deaf! Neither of us know enough
sign language to communicate with him, but luckily one of the sisters
in the ward actually can fluently sign, we probably will be teaming up
a lot in the future, and now on top of figuring out this area, we have
to learn sign language. I’m so excited. We also don’t have any real
consistent investigators, so that’s fun. We have to go find a whole
bunch of new people to teach, just to get started. This might be kind
of a rough transfer. I’m a little excited though, I’m actually in the
city, and there’s a lot of cool stuff around. We still teach two
English classes, but only one or two people come to one, and the one
that comes is basically fluent in English already.

This week we also went to that sushi place from before, sushiro. I
payed a dollar extra and got a piece of premium sushi, which was
called in English, Japanese lobster
You pull off the head, and the end of the tail, and you eat it.

It was actually really good, but as soon as I swallow, my throat got really fuzzy and itchy, and my body got really hot, and my fingers got all tingly. Apparently I’m allergic to this kind of shrimp. Good thing to know for the future, especially here in Japan. It had kind of a jelly-like feel, and was actually really sweet, but I can’t eat it anymore, so, that’s kind of sad.


Elder Smith


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