New Years!!

New Years!  My companion surprised me with a midnight
alarm. When it went off, I thought it was time to get up in the
morning, even though he screamed HAPPY NEW YEAR as loud as he can. I
just kind of lay in bed half asleep, and I actually don’t remember
what he said after that, or what I said back, but apparently it made
sense. I kind of fell asleep again, but panicked because I thought it
was time to wake up, so I got up real fast and checked the clock to
see what time it was, and I was so confused when the clock actually
said 12:30. I fell asleep a half hour, and woke up just in time to
realize what happened. When he said Happy new year, I didn’t actually
process what was going on, I just heard him yelling something, so I
took the liberty to yell it back, and wake him up, not on purpose, I
didn’t even think about it. Last night was a little sleep deprived,
you can probably tell. After I woke up the second time, it was really
hard to go back to sleep. Good times.
Anyway, as for this week,
This week has been super weird. Because of Shogatsu (Japanese New
year) we could do almost no missionary work. Super sad. By no
missionary work, I mean that we couldn’t do it together. Last Saturday
and this Sunday we did splits. We did it with the elders from
Iwamizawa, who are basically the best ever. They’re two Japanese
people, but they’re the most American like Japanese people that I’ve
ever seen. There’s Hishii choro (11th transfer) and his bean, Ono
choro (1st transfer). On Saturday, they both came to Ebetsu and worked
here with us. I went with Ono choro, the bean, and we housed all day.
We pinged one house after another for about 8 hours, in an area where
Thompson choro and I just don’t really go, and we found something like
13 people who said that we can come back next year (Shogatsu and the
week before that are super busy for people here, they’re all getting
ready to party.) Then on Monday, we went to Iwamizawa, and I went with
the trainer. Hishii choro. We went and visited some people that were
super far away, and so a lot of out time was spent walking in snow
that was up to our knees. It was super cold, but I had enough clothes
to stay warm. We talked to two people, and N/A named niyama kyodai,
who smokes like a dragon, and some other lady who’s super interested
in learning about Jesus, so we gave her a bible and talked a little
about it. After the Niyama guy’s visit, we smelled like two huge
walking cigarettes. We had to use a special spray to get the smell out
of our clothes, but I can still smell it on my jacket and the tie that
I wore. Super gross. Then, on tuesday, we had a DTM, which is like a
little devotional for the missionaries that happens every Tuesday, and
then we had to go finish our morning studies that we couldn’t do
before the DTM, and went straight to Eikaiwa ( english class). Then
Wednesday we had to do this thing called DKK, or a weekly planning
session that basically takes all day, and then we walked to a members
house and she fed us so much food. From Wednesday, we basically have a
member feeding us every night, until monday. It’s always super good,
plus the members love doing it. From yesterday onwards, it is a
special schedule until sunday. Yesterday, we read the Book of Mormon
ALL DAY! Super fun. I started at the beginning of Alma and ended at
4th Nephi. I would’ve gotten farther, but a member picked us up at
4:30 to take us to his house and give us a ton of food. Jengis kahn,
or lamb. Hokkaido is famous for it’s lamb, and it was sooooo good.
After that, he wanted us to make a special decoration for new years,
which is a red branch you put little styrofoam balls on. He held it,
and we decorated it. While he was holding it, (He’s about 76) He
farted really loud, and then said “sorry, that was rude” in Japanese.
We (Thompson choro and the sisters and me) and even him and his wife
started laughing so hard. It was a good time. Also, today is P day
this week, the next one is Monday again, so not too long. Tomorrow is
a special cleaning day where, you guessed it, we do a thorough deep
cleaning of our apartment. I’m sooo excited.
That’s about how the last week has gone, plus how tomorrow will go.
Other than that, next week is already transfers again. YAY! I’m so
excited, but it’ll be sad to have to leave my companion, and maybe my
area. We’ll have to wait and see, but I won’t be able to tell you
where I going until after I get there. I don’t get to know until after
the next P-day (Monday). Today we were going to go to the buddhist
shrine for the new year’s, that’s what everyone, even the missionaries
do, but it’s too far away. We don’t have time to do it. Hopefully I
can next year. So, the next P- day is actually Monday, so a lot might
not happen between then and now, other that the cleaning day. I’ll
tell you all about it then, but until then I miss you guys,


– Elder Smith



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