The Sapporo “mall”

So I’m going to start off by telling you about a magical place called
Sapporo eki. It is the train station we went to last P day, but it’s
also a mall. Inside are about 8 -13 levels of shops, from clothing
shops (basically all of it) to electronics and instrument stores.
There’s also this place called the pokemon center that the kinds would
have died had they gone to. It is exactly what it sounds like. A big
store filled with everything pokemon. The best part is that when we
went in there, we didn’t even stand out (basically everyone was the
same age as us). Super awesome, but before we went there, we went to
the 10th level of one section of the mall (there are about 6 sections
and they all have at least 7 levels) and it was a huge food court. The
back half of the level is this place called Ramen kingdom, and it is a
dark room with a low ceiling, and ramen shops everywhere. Just so you
know, japanese ramen is basically the best food ever. It was so hard
to choose one, but we were able to because a worker at one said in
english that “it ssuper derishis”. His entire job is to get people to
come to the shop he works at, and we chose that one because he said it
in English, or as close as he could get. It was a good choice. The
ramen I got became my favorite food.
In terms of missionary work, I called a guy named hiroka on monday,
and he was an old investigator, and he came to church on sunday! We
talked to him, and he says that he would like to listen to what we
have to say, but until he feels like it’s true, he doesn’t want to
talk about baptism. We’ll get him there eventually though! He’s super
smart, and understands English really well, even if he doesn’t speak
it very well, and you can tell that he’s super smart. Other than that,
not much happened. It was kind of a slow week because of a christmas
party on Saturday we had to set up and prepare for. It killed all our
time, and was actually a whole bunch of old people reading “christmas
story” The one with the ghosts, in Japanese. Not even performing. A
little tsumaranai (I’ll let you guess what that means.)

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Elder Smith


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