Birthday fun

We had a littleparty with one of the members after church. We did this thing called aTim Tam slam. It’s this cookie from Australia, and you bite off the ends and drink milk through it. It was really good. Eventually, when it gets soggy, you have to get it in your mouth really fast so it
doesn’t fall apart in your milk. We got them in a really cool imported
food/candy shop in asahikawa, which is the city that we do all of our
zone stuff in. Also, all of the ward members that knew said happy
birthday, and later at night, the one leaders and a whole bunch of
other missionaries called and sang to me! It was super cool.

In terms of missionary work, last week we met with this guy named
murakami san. He believes in Jesus Christ and the bible a ton, but
struggles with the book of mormon, because there are a couple of
little things that sound like the book of mormon and the bible are
saying things differently, and so he’s struggling with it. We tried
talking about one, which is in Alma 7:10. It says that Jesus will be
born in Jerusalem, not bethlehem, but the way it’s said in English I
think it means the land of Jerusalem rather than the city. we tried
explaining that to him, but I don’t really think that he understands.
He said that all the things stopping him from believing the book of
mormon are little things like that, so I wanted to ask what you guys
think about it. What do you think that I should tell him? Also with
him, I feel that as soon as he accepts the book of mormon, he’ll be on
a one way trip to baptism. He already believes basically everything
that we do, like how Jesus, God, and the Holy ghost are 3 separate
people, and other things like that. What do you think about it?

Also, today, we’re going to Sapporo! We’re going to go around the mall
in the train station and try to talk to people there, and to look at
the christmas lights. My companion spent 3 transfers there, and says
that it’s super cool, so that’s what we will be doing today.

P.s. this old lady in the ward is having us and the sisters sing
silent night at a christmas party on saturday! In English! and a
college age guy asked us to come charol at his house, but my companion
isn’t very vocally talented, so he told me to sing, and my companion
to beatbox. I’m not actually sure if he was joking or not. We’ll see.

Love Elder Smith

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