Winter Dendo

So winter has hit here. Hard. So now we are not allowed to use our
bikes because of the snow and how dangerous it makes everything. We
now have to walk everywhere, which is really hard because our closest
investigators are about a 25 minute walk away. Also, the sidewalks
here aren’t cleaned off at all, and they don’t use anything like salt
or sand to make the roads less slippery, so it’s super sketchy
sometimes. Also, the best place we go to people wise was 3-40 minutes
away by bike, and now we have to take a train to get there. Life gets
kind of expensive here in the winter. The funniest thing is that it
shows you how much normal Japanese people follow each other. I don’t
know if I mentioned this before, but, normally, Japanese people refuse
to stand out or do anything that might draw attention to themselves.
When they do decide to stand out, and be regular, they always seem to
eventually find their way to christianity. I’m not kidding. All the
“weirdos” join the church. We’ve got this one member named tatsumoto
kyodai(brother Tatsumoto) who is so funny. He was in a hurry one day,
going back and forth from one end of the church to the other because
he kept forgetting stuff, and was running high knees the entire way
like he was at a football practice. He is also pretty good at English,
and speaks exactly like you would think that Japanese people do. He
says R’s as L’s, and B’s for V’s, and is also just really funny.
Anyway, stuff that happened this week. We were finally able to meet
with uchiozou san, and we met with this old lady member who is the
ward missionary and reminds me a lot of Bita, and we had planned to
teach him about the plan of salvation. We were doing fine, until we
were giving an example to make it easier to understand, and we paused
for one second to think of what we were trying to say in Japanese, and
she grabbed the lesson and proceeded to take the next two hours
explaining the entire gospel, from joseph smith and the correct
church, to baptism and the preisthood, and he couldn’t understand
anything that she was saying. Somewhere in the middle, I found the
opportunity to testify, and when I did, he seemed really interested. I
shared Ether 12:6 with him and Moroni 10:3-5, and he seemed super
interested in what I had to say, and then when I was done the member
(fujita shimai (sister Fujita)) took over again talking about agency
and freedom of choice. In the end, when he jrleft, he self dropped
because he couldn’t understand what we were talking about, and said
that getting faith is too hard. He used to be a vet, and so he was
talking about being a scientist, and having to have knowledge before
he could have faith in something, and how he can’t do anything (Pray,
read the book of mormon, go to church) that builds faith because he
doesn’t have any. He also said that he’s going to go back to this
other church because “you don’t need faith to go there, and it’s just
easier because he doesn’t have to give up smoking and alcohol. Super
sad. Then we met this guy named Murakami San. He’s super duper
prepared. He believes in Christ and loves the scriptures. I’m totally
out of time, so I’ll have to tell you more later today. Or next week.
(Today we have another zone thing.) sorry
Love and miss you
Elder smith


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