Jehovah’s Witness..

Okay, so here I am in the church getting ready to email you guys, when
all of a sudden there is a knock on the door. There were two ladies
I’ve never seen before in my life standing there and they were
actually Jehova’s Witnesses! They started off by asking us to read
this weird magazine, and so I used “Gaijin (foreigner) power” and told
them I couldn’t read. They then proceeded to ask us if we read the
bible, and upon hearing that we did, they asked us to continue reading
it. So we said we would. Weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced. Being
in the church, in Japan, as a missionary, and getting approached by
two Jehova’s witness ladies. So weird.

Thanks so much for praying for Uchiuzou and Masato. They are both not
sick anymore (Thank you) and we were able to teach Masato yesterday. I
can feel your prayers helping. Uchiuzou actually says that he can’t
meet with us because of the snow though, but it hasn’t snowed since
thursday, and most of it’s melted since last time we met with him. I
feel like he’ll run out of excuses soon, though. again, thank you. I’m
doing pretty well with Japanese though. I can’t understand a lot, but
I’m getting better at speaking. Apparently I’m actually pretty fun to
listen to when i try to speak. I am a lot better than when I got here
of course though. Thanks so much for thinking of me in your prayers


Snow on Tuesday.. it was an awesome Blizzard.

I miss all you guys. Have a good christmas, and I hope you had a good

Elder Smith


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