Miracles Every Day

Sorry everyone, I haven’t done one of these in a while, I never really
have time though. An hour for email isn’t enough most of the time, I
found time today though, Yay!.
The mission I’m serving is awesome. Even though a lot of people are
kind of uninterested, and it’s starting to get cold, and has been
snowing quite hard for the past couple days (got up to my knees in a
couple of hours last Friday), it’s still amazing, and there truly is
nothing that I’d rather be doing right now. My testimony is growing
so much, and I’m gaining so much from studying the scriptures every
day for hours on end, it’s awesome! I still don’t really speak
Japanese, but I am improving quickly. I can speak much, much better
than I can understand, but last week I started being able to piece
together what people are saying a lot more than I thought I could.
Unless, of course that person is an old person, or one of our
investigators named Masato, who uses really hard japanese. I feel like
it’s similar to someone speaking shakespeare english to people in
America today. Really hard to understand. Other than that kind of
stuff, there’s one guy I really want to talk about. He’s an insane
investigator named Takahashi. On Friday night we went over to his
house and talked to him about Jesus and the atonement. I said that one
of the ways that Jesus helps me is that he’s my friend, and I can talk
to him about whatever I want, and that sparked a big reaction. He
started going off in Japanese about how he can’t be my friend, because
I call him sama, which is super respectful, and you don’t refer to
friends that way. He also was talking about how you have to be able to
do stuff with you’re friends, and then proceeded to yell “Thompsuunnnn
and high five my companion, and then say sumiiiiiiiis and high fived
me and then he started laughing way super hard. We then he explained
what the atonement was, and what it did, and that Jesus is a different
kind of friend. He understood that really well. Then we were talking
about how he talks to our spirits, and he was kind of like, “that’s
awesome! He talks to your spirit and your spirit (pointing to us
individually), but not mine. I don’t have one.” He said that in
Japanese, and then proceeded to give the reason why he didn’t have a
spirit, but in English. He put his arms up like he was flexing, and
yelled “I’M GOD” and started dying again. We were dying too. It was so
crazy. He likes listening though, and understands really quickly, and
always has time, so we think that he can get pretty far. Other than
that, we got 10 lessons this week, which was our goal, so that’s
pretty cool.”

Also, last Monday, we got to go to the Temple. It was about a half
hour bike ride away, but was so awesome. I’ll put pictures of that in
here, as well as some freaky food I found and ate this week.
I’m seeing Miracles every day, and will keep working hard so I can
learn the language and teach people better. I also want to write one
next week (a group email) I’ll make something awesome happen this
week, or find something awesome to tell you all about. until then,
see you later!

Elder Smith

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