This week has actually been pretty good for me. We taught 8 lessons,
and have 2 new investigators. One of them is super close on his
personal beliefs. My companion taught him on saturday(I wasn’t there
because we traded companions and I went with the district leader for
the day). He was telling me about the lesson, and the investigator
apparently said something along the lines of “I have personal agency,
I choose my path” in Japanese, and then finished his statement with “I
am god”. He apparently said that last part in English. He’s super
close though. I’ve heard that he views his beliefs and ours as here and here instead of how they actually are, which would be here (us and here (him)

I feel like we just need to help him see that. It’s like a peach. He
has the pit, and knows that it’s a peach, but feels that it is
actually the entire peach. We then just need to explain to him that he
only actually has part of it, and that we are here to help him find
the rest. He also seems to be willing to learn, as he is keeping his
commitments thus far. Next time, we’ll probably talk about prayer.
Other than that, we found a really nice young mother with two kids who
says she’ll listen to us, and seems to be super interested in
families. I think that we’re going to have some big stuff going on in
the near future too. Our two best investigators thus far are
recovering from sickness. We’re starting over with one, and he agreed
to listen to the lessons, and all of a sudden the members are super
ready to help out. This awesome member, hamamura kyodai, actually
walked up to us at church yesterday and said that he is free on
saturdays and sundays, and wants to work with us. It’s super awesome.
I just all of a sudden am getting the feeling that we’re standing on
the brink of something big happening, but I also feel like it may take
a little while before it bursts. We just have to keep pushing with
faith, and one day, we will break through.

Love and miss you guys, have a good thanksgiving.-
Elder Smith

P.s. Today we are going to go see the temple! It’s not quite finished,
so we can’t really see much, but I’ll take whatever pictures I can and
send them to you. Have a good Thanksgiving.


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