English Classes

My mission has been awesome so far, but this week was a
little slow. We only taught one lesson all week! We tried really hard
though. We visited and called basically all of our investigators, but
they were all either busy, sick, or not there, which was super sad. We
went out and housed for a long time too, but nobody wanted to listen
to us. It was kind of a rough week, but if I stay faithful, it can
only get better. On Thursday, I had my first experience with Japanese
Ramen, at a little ramen shop. It was probaby one of the nest things
that I’ve ever eaten. It’s completely different from what I expected,
and is more like a soup than a bowl of noodles. We went after teaching
an English class with the Elders in a different city, like we do every
week. One of the people who comes every week is a high school student,
and he wanted us to go try the ramen shop he works at. There was a
special spot in there that you go up onto this little raised spot, and
sit on cushons on your knees, but you have to take off your shoes
first. I sat on my knees for about an hour, and it was very hard to
walk after because I kind of felt like my legs were going to give out.
We then had to run across the entire city to spend the night at those
elders’ apartment, because we missed the train going back to ours. It
was about a 30 minute run. We were able to get to their apartment at
around 9, so we weren’t late. That’s basically about how the past week
went. I wish I could be there sometimes, so that I can watch you guys
do your sports and dance and stuff, it sounds like a great time. How’s
the weather? Is it still warm? Here, it’s starting to get a little
cold, but the past couple of days have been a little bit warmer. The
weirdest thing though, is that there is no daylight savings time! That
means the sun goes down really fast, and it’s usually completely dark
around 4:30 or 5. It’s the hardest thing to get used to. Other than
that stuff, not a lot is happening. We have a zone conference on
Friday, but I don’t actually know what that entails, so I’ll tell you
after it happens. Miss you guys
Elder smith.


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