Shooting Star

So I’ll just get started with a basic rundown of the week. Yesterday,
we were housing, and ended up teaching 3 out of the blue lessons! That
boosted our total to 9 this week, which is almost double last week and
is triple the week before! We’re getting the ball rolling, now we just
have to worry about returning and getting some new investigators. On
Friday we went on splits. My companion went with our Japanese district
leader, and I went with his American companion. We taught 3 lessons
total, and one of them is to the stereotypical old Japanese guy. He
was really excited that I’d been here for 3 weeks, and could almost
communicate with him. He kept saying the phrase “erai ne” which is
basically old people speak for ” oh your so cute, you’re such a hard
worker,etc. He was so much fun. He wants to get baptized, but can’t
because he likes to smoke and drink coffee. He says that he can quit
long enough to be baptized, but is worried that he’ll just go back to
his old ways afterwards and he’s scared that it won’t have meaning if
he screws up. We talked about the atonement and I think it’s starting
to get real for him.

Also we had stake conference. The mission president, and a member of
the 70 was there as well. their talks were awesome even though I had
no idea what they were saying the entire time. I had no clue as to
what they talked about, but the spirit was there, and it was really an
awesome time.

Missionary work is hard and busy, and we’ve been working hard to get
the ball rolling here. We go out housing almost every day to find
people who are ready for us, so we’re constantly searching and bike
riding and walking. Every day when we get back the the apartment I
want to do nothing more than sleep, but we still have to eat, plan,
and journal. Good times.

I like this area, but I don’t have a lot to be compared to. Most of
the people that we try to meet with actually live in a college about a
half hour bike ride away, which is an area where we find the vast
majority of our success. That’s actually where yesterday’s lessons
came from. My companion is awesome. He’s super upbeat and likes to
work really hard, which I’m super grateful for. The one thing that I
was worried about was getting a trainer who is kind of lazy, so that’s
good. He’s been here for 1 year and 1 week, so he’s had a chance to
start really figuring things out. Because Japanese is really hard, he
doesn’t actually understand every word coming out of the peoples’
mouthes, but he can get the gist of basically whatever they say. He’s
awesome! My area is called Ebetsu, and kind of connects to Sapporo,
I’ll send a Google maps image.

One more thing. Totally saw my first shooting star after teaching a
surprise lesson Wednesday night. That was super awesome.

Miss you guys
Love –
Elder Smith


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