Oh MY GOSH!!! I have 11 days left until I go to Japan. Next week will be the last week that I can write from America before I jet out to Japan, from that point in time, It will be a while before I can email again, because my P day switches to mondays. I’m so excited! Tomorrow  I get my flight plans and japanese name tags, which is basically the coolest thing that’s happened since I got here in August. We also got four missionaries from Japan! I have found that I can actually understand a lot of the things that they say to us. That was a super cool thing to realize, but when they talk to us, they simplify the things that they say a lot, so I can’t understand all of what they say when they talk to each other. What they specifically do is they slow down and enunciate their words. They also use a lot simpler language. It’s pretty awesome to see the regular missionaries gawk at me when I talk. It’s something I could get a little used to.

Other than that the only really cool thing that happened was that on Tuesday we had Elder Costa of the 70 speak to us. His talk was amazing! He talked a lot about missionaries and the state of the world today. One of the craziest things that he said was that the youth and missionaries of the world today are here to prepare the world for the second coming. God has already promised that the church could not be taken down by any unhallowed hand, so we’re not working to keep it on the earth as the prophets did in times of old, but we are prepping the earth to receive the Son Of God! He also talked about how the world is more wicked than almost any other time in the earth’s history. We’re already to the point where we’re more wicked than the people of Noah’s time, but this time the dispensation that would be ended with the loss of the gospel from the earth, will be ended with the return of the savior! That was the most inspiring thing that I’ve heard in a long time. Another thing he said was that it is easy to count the number of seeds in an apple, but it’s impossible to count the number of apples in a seed. I feel like I should leave this one up to you guys, I’ll tell you what I thought about it next week.

This Saturday and Sunday we have a special schedule because of general conference. I’m so excited for it. There hasn’t been three new apostles called in over 110 years! This is history that we’re making right now! Big stuff is going down. The work is hastening, and now everybody is getting ready for the big showdown that will happen here in the possibly near future. 

Good luck to all, and stay on the straight and narrow

- 頑張って ください 皆さん

(Do your best/good luck everyone!)

Elder Smith


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