Another Week

Guess What! One week until I get my flight plans and then one more after that until I go to Japan!!! This week has been a little crazy, starting a while ago. One morning our branch president came and played basketball with all of the guys who left. He is probably between 55 and 66, and was draining 3’s and balling it up way better than any of the 20 year olds he was playing with. In fact, he went up for a layup once, but changed it to a behind the back pass to one of his teamates. The missionary wasn’t ready, and the president threw the ball so hard that he gave the kid’s pinky a spiral fracture. He has to be here for two more weeks, and he got McCreary Choro, one of my companions. So for the next 2-3 weeks I will be in a regular companionship. He and my old companion are actually the zone leaders now, and have been doing a great job. We also helped welcome a new group of missionaries yesterday, and were supposed to get eight into our zone. We got none. They all got thrown into the MTC Ipad branch. So other than that it’s been a normal week.

One more thing. Last night we did this thing called skype TRC. We all go to a room, and teach a lesson to a japanese person in Japan. The guy my companion and I got was probably around 18, is preparing to go on a mission, and after his mission is going to go to BYU-Idaho. Which we both thought was pretty cool. He was super chill and seemed like a really cool guy. It was so much fun.  According to his feedback, he enjoyed it too, which was a relief. Our lesson wasn’t as prepared as it probably could have been.

Anyway, miss you guys. I’ll take some more pictures of stuff and send them to you this week.

Ai Shitteimasu

Elder Smith


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