“Just another Day”

So last week I promised that I’d tell you about my companion’s first P-Day. After class time, so around 930 when we got back to the residence hall, he just started feeling a lot of pain, so we gave him a blessing and got one of the guys at the front desk to get us to the hospital. We were there until 2 in the morning! Since then we’ve had to go back a couple of times for medicine and such, and then he got a flow test. His result was a 72 28 spread. The doctor said that he’d give him the green light because Japan is a first world country, but he’ll need to look at getting the kidney out when he gets back. So, for now, no problems. 

So for now, not much is going on. Our schedule is a little screwy right now, and will be for the rest of my time here because my teachers are also college students. Other than that, we got a whole bunch of new missionaries on Wednesday. That was cool. We have five foreign elders, and I heard we have three foreign sisters as well, but I haven’t met them yet. Two are from Brazil, one is from England, one is from New Zealand, and the fifth one is from Bolivia and speaks better Japanese than most other people that I’ve met. I bet he’ll be out of here pretty soon. Also, on Monday we lost all of the 9 weekers, you can see them on the facebook page, except for one who joined my district for some weird reason.  Other than that, we’re still just struggling through learning Japanese. 

I’ll send more pictures later, and keep me updated on the happenings of the outside world, I can only know what I hear from you. 

Ai Suru-

Elder Smith


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