Cooper and Mcreary “choro” (Elder)

Cooper and His companion Elder McCreary

Cooper and His companion Elder McCreary

Excerpt from todays email!

Japanese is really hard, but I’m slowly getting it. In the three weeks that I’ve been here, I’ve learned more than in the two years that I studied in high school. The gift of tongues is real. Our branch presidency gave us a challenge to read the entire Book of Mormon in 2 months, and I’m on track to being finished in one. It’s pretty awesome.

So not much has happened, except for how my companion got a kidney stone ( more on that next week), so besides that we just have 16 hour days of talking in and being talked at in Japanese. Good times. I’m in a threepanionship, and it is awesome! He was supposed to have his own companion, but that guy was a no show. It was a blessing for me though. So I’m here for 6-7 more weeks, and I can feel my sanity slipping. A guy can only take so much of this and 9 weeks is pushing it. The only things keeping me sane are weekly email sessions, sand volleyball, 4 square, and bi weekly ice cream days, (Wednesday and Sunday). Devotionals are great, we have had two general authorities come, Members of the 70, but I bet that before I go I’ll get to see at least one of the 12, and it sounds like there may not be a missionary choir at priesthood session this year, sad huh. Anyway, I miss you guys a lot, and hope to keep getting emails and stuff from you. See you in two years.

P.S. my districts mail unit is 12, so if you want to send me Dear Elders and keep me up with what’s going on with you guys, please don’t hesitate. 

– to Ai suru (with love) 

Elder Smith


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