First Email from the MTC!!

Good morning everyone. It may please you to know that it took most of my 1 hour of email time today, my first p-day, to type your email addresses into this group message. The mtc is awesome, but stressful. I’ve never had so much class time in my life, and have never been more focused. The spirit is so strong everywhere here, and it has helped me with the language so much. The food is pretty good most of the time, but you have to find ways to mix it up a little when it’s just something like hot dogs, but for the most part, it’s probably the okayest cafeteria food i’ve ever had.

 When I saw Elder Moncur’s email about cold showers, I was really nervous, but it must depend on the building that you’re placed in because I’ve had a hot shower every day. It’s been pretty great. 

When it comes to class time, We are teaching ourselves way too often. It’s not uncommon for us to have 5 hours in total unguided learning for my district of 7. After about 3, we start to go a little insane and draw some interesting murals on the chalkboards of our teachers and those of us drawing. After about 4 hours, you start to feel the collective loss of brain cells. It may sound horrible, but it’s so worth it. When we do have a teacher, however, we do get a lot of stuff done. We learn new words and sentence structures, and we have mountains of books and some of the greatest elders, the ones weeks ahead of us, helping us out. I’ve learned more in one week at the MTC than I did in two years of school, which may not make sense, but it is because of the spirit. That may sound super cheesy, but it’s totally true. Also, the gift of tongues is real. I know this because of the five or six days following the first day here. We had to teach an “investigator” that didn’t speak english at all. So, sometimes as we were fumbling along our lesson, we’d suddenly speak words and be able to compose sentences that we had no Idea we could compose, with words that we sometimes didn’t totally know yet! Pray for it future elders and sisters, pray for it. 

The devotionals here are also amazing. On tuesday night, Elder Echo Hawk, of the seventy, came and gave a talk to us. It was about perfect obedience and how it blesses you in ways that are seemingly unrelated, like with the language. My Doryo (companions) and I have been practicing It, and I can testify to you that it really has been only beneficial to us. I have learned how to both pray and can somewhat testify in Nihongo (japanese) almost without help from the many books that we have been given, and I know it is because I have been perfectly obedient. 

Other things…

I have two companions, McCreary Choro and Thompson Choro. (Choro =elder) They are two of the greatest people that I’ve ever known. I’ve been blessed with these two as my doryo, because McCreary choro’s original companion never actually showed up. I have to admit that I’m grateful though. He’s awesome.

I’d send pictures, but I don’t have a camera. I’m hopefully getting one soon though, so i’ll send pictures later.


Elder Smith 


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